Mobilized Data
With our OneApp solution you can now access your internal systems data, such as your ERP from anywhere in the world using tablet or Smartphone.

Bespoke Apps
Create a bespoke app that suits your business needs and requirements. All of our apps are designed specifically for your business and your processes.

Paperless Processes
Replaces those processes within your business that causes you the most problems with errors and time with an app. OneApp can help your business go "green".

Multiple OS
OneApp solutions can be designed for multiple operating systems. The solution can be designed for Apple iOS, Android and Windows Tablets and smartphones.

Branded Design
We work closely with you on your app branding to reflect your business and your current logos and branding.

Using RESTful services our OneApp solution can access your system data in real-time, meaning you can make informed business decisions based on accurate data.

Synced Data
Using a native database held on the app your users can have full functionality even when they have no internet conntection.

Device Functions
Your OneApp solution can also be designed to use the device functions, such as GPS, Camera and Maps. This gives your app more functionality and possibilities.

Integrated Solution
OneApp can be fully integrated with many systems and used to connect multiple processes.

Example App 1 - Sales Order App
This app can access your customer credit status, check stock levels and create sales orders in real-time while your sales rep is with your customer.

Example App 2 - Warehouse App
Designed to work on a fork lift this app gives the user the ability to receive goods in real-time as they are being put away, make stock transfers and uses the map facitlity to direct users to stock and bins.

Example App 3 - Delivery App
This app uses the GPS on the device to log where the delivery was made and time and date and update your back office in real-time. The camera can also be used to record any issues with delivery.

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